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I'm "M.L. Sippakorn," or whom everyone calls "Miss Nueng."

Living away from the palace on my own has made me realize that... I still have a lot to learn.

But, unlike everyone else, I've never experienced "love." That is, until I meet that cheerful girl.


She's an 18-year-old girl with beautiful eyes. She pays frequent visits and confesses her love to me every time we meet. It's strange... I'm usually annoyed when people cling to me, but with her, I feel... Ah, never mind. She won't go away, even if I chase her away anyway.

The nature of our relationship is unusual. I found out later that I was a part of the birth of that cheerful girl.


Her mother was my best friend in high school. She suddenly disappeared because she was "pregnant."

I don't know if the universe is out to get me or if it's just playing tricks on me, but that girl came into my life and filled my…


When we find each other, she makes me, who has never known "love," feel what it is like to be in love.

"Our age gap is too great. I was 16 when you were born."

I say this to warn the girl again about our differences. But it appears that A-Nueng is uninterested in what I'm trying to say to her.


"It means that when you're 20, I will be 36. The gap between us is too great."

"Look at it from another angle. When you're 86, I will be 70. Then, people will say that we are of similar ages. And I will be able to care for you if you get sick, given that I am younger and stronger. Isn't that great?”

I look at the petite girl, who's arguing with me with reasons. I then use the words I always use to blow everyone away, like the wind.

"Do you think that you're worthy enough?"

"Not today. But I will be worthy of you one day. I promise."


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