Thai Cuisines Healthy Foods

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รายละเอียด : Thai Cuisines Healthy Foods

Thai cuisines have a lot of kinds of healthy parts. We started from Thai  herbs such as  lemongrass, galangal, chili and kaffir lime leaves.
They are so unique to use and special with wonderful aroma, specially from lemongrass and  kaffir lime leaves. We also use it for cooking or making a good hot tea as well. This episode is just a little bit different because I have a special dried aged beef menu  added in  this book too.

And for this book, we started from a healthy vegetarian dish. Thai cuisine is mostly used tofu and vegetables cooked together. Also, we have a spicy lover dish at Vegetarian Pad Ka-Phrao Mushrooms as well.

Regards to Thai soups always add on this stuff even lemongrass  some of them eat at raw  such as Yum menu or Thai  salad with tuna  beef or chicken,  but you have to pick up a younger one easy to bite tasty and refreshing. 
This cookbook has noodle dishes such as Pad Thai with prawns and Pad Si-Eiw with chicken
(stir- fry wide noodles with chicken bean sprouts, vegetables and soy sauce)
Pad Si-Eiw is the one popular top 10 of food trends in USA.
If you are looking for any Thai meal easy to cook by yourself and easy to prepare for the food of the day this book can help you to set up easier and find out the ingredients around you to apply for a healthy meal. 
All the people have known about Thai food for a long time. This cooking book just picks up and creates the same ingredients and the way to cook for everyday meals. 


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