The Invisible boy

Sam's mum and dad go missing during a trip to the moon, leaving him in the care of the horrible Hilda Hardbottom.

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The Invisible boy

As the little alien explains to Sam, being invisible can be a big help.

When his parents are lost in space, Sam is left, heartbroken, in the care of the horrible Hilda Hardbottom. Then he finds a tiny spaceship in the cabbage patch and meets a little alien called Splodge. How Splodge makes him invisible, and how Sam uses his new talent in his darkest hour, makes a touching and extremely funny story with lovely memorable characters.

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"I can't believe it," said mum, opening the gold envelope. "We won the top prize a trip to the moon." Dad, who was eating toast and reading the morning paper, said, "that's nice"
"Nice!" said Mum. "Charlie Ray, did you hear what I said? we have won a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the moon, all expenses paid, flying first class to Houston, then on the Star Shuttle, and staying in the Moon Safari Hotel, overlooking the Sea of Tranquillity. Oh Chharlie, we are the first ones ever to have won this prize!"
Dad dropped his toast and paper."Let me see," he said. "Oh Lily my love, I don't believe it. We are going to the moon! " Sam walked  onto the room to find his mum and dad dancing round the kitchen table and singing
"Fly me to the moon and iet me play among the stars."
"What's going on?" said Sam , who was only half awake and unused to seeing his parents  singing quite  so loudly on a Saturday morning.

They told him the good news, both excited and taiking at once, so that it took quite some time before they realised that children under twelve weren't alloowed. It meant quite  simply that Sam couldn't go.

"Well, that's that," said Dad after Mum had phoned to double-check with Dream maker Tours.
"I will be fine," said Sam bravely.  "Look, you must's only for two weeks and i have lots of friend I can go and stay with, like Billy. I'm sure his mum won't mind."

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Sam's mum and dad go missing during a trip to the moon, leaving him in the care of the horrible Hilda Hardbottom.  But things begin to  get better when Sam meets an alien in his back garden. The alien's name is Splodge, and he knows how to make Sam invisible...

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