Good Knight Sleep Tight

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375.25 บาท

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375.25 บาท

395.00 บาท
395.00 บาท
ประหยัด 19.75 บาท (5.00 %)

จำนวนคะแนนที่ได้รับ 45 แต้ม

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Good Knight Sleep Tight

A baby princess has just been born to the royal family, but her elder brother the little prince can't understand what all the fuss is about. On one unlucky day the fat royal cat squashes the baby's soft pillow, and the princess can't sleep on it any more. She cries and cries, which prompts the king to send his brave and loyal knight out to the forest to find soft, new stuffing for the pillow. After many an adventure, the knight finally returns with fresh feathers for the princess's special pillow. Will it make her happy again? Will she finally stop crying and let the rest of the family get some sleep? It sounds like a good ideabut the princess isn't soothed. She continues to cry. Maybe, her brother the prince has a better way to make her stop crying. David Melling's newest delightful picture storybook features humorous illustrations done in the same attractive style that distinguishes three of his earlier favorites, "The Kiss That Missed, The Ghost Library, "and "The Tale of Jack Frost. "

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A wonderful story infused with love and humour about a new sibling, the problem of a crying baby and just what to do about it.
A stunning sequel to the award-winning title The Kiss That Missed. The lovable and haphazard knight is back on another quest to find the finest feathers in the kingdom to fill the royal pillow and stop the little princess making that terrible noise!

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