The Simple Truth (Eng)

Personal Untold Accounts of Thailands 2009-2010 Political Crises

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"Throughout my twenty years in politics, both in the government and in the opposition, I have always been truthful to myself and to the public. I have also always taken responsibility for all my actions. Just before taking office in December 2008, I said, "Whatever happens going forward, I have come to the final phase of my political life," and truly meant it. One year after having stepped down as Prime Minister, my political career is now even nearer to the end. As for how long I have on this earth, no one knows. I had the honour of serving my country as Prime Minister for over two years, during one of the worst crises in our nation's history. Those were by far the most difficult two years out of my twenty in politics." ... 'The Simple Truth" for the present and future generations, this memoir and National Truth and Reconcilation Commission's report shed light on what transpired during the darkest chapter of thai history. Abhisit's account of the event is a required reading on the missing narratives over the April/May crisis.

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