The Recipes Of Thai Street Foods

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รายละเอียด : The Recipes Of Thai Street Foods

Authentic Thai food specially in Thai Street food I would like to recommends you to Thai Stir fried of food, that real hot and spicy dishes, or call ‘’PAD KA-PHRAO’’   Regards to PAD KA-PHRAO in Thailand everyone well knows about this dish. Even for myself and all Thai people can have for good meal every day.

How easy to have with this dish, also when I am travelling to up country and drive to any provinces in Thailand, I can also order ’PAD KA-PHRAO’’ anywhere like basic of food. If comparable with western side country as similar.  You can have any burger in your home town is simple of that. Some of them can have a little bit different Pad Ka-Phrao such as they are stir- fry with bamboo shoot pickle, that go very well with beef, pork and chicken with bone.
First dish of this book I would like to recommends for beef minced with basil and chili or in Thai called Pad Ka Phrao Neua. This dish is my number one favorite and suitable with who is beef lover.

If you have been traveled to Thailand or any chance to have Thai food in a locally, definitely you have to looking for Pad Ka-Phrao with any kind of meat that you delighted, such as beef, pork, seafood or chicken

However, you can make it delicious by your own design with egg on top in Thai we call Kao Pad Ka -Phrao Nuea Khi-Daw, that mean Stir fry beef with Thai holy basil hot and spicy on top with fried egg.

If you say in Thai Kao Pad Ka -Phrao Neua Khi-Daw that mean food will come with stream rice and on top with food and fried egg, totally complete in one dish  


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