The killer underpants

Before we go any further I'd better come clean about my underpants...

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The killer underpants

Featuring Jiggy McCue and his pals Pete and Angie, The Killer Underpants will get every boy and girl aged upwards of 9 years old laughing their clothes off!!! The underpants from hell are taking control and that's only half of it. A pant-tastically funny adventure. Apologies for the pun but rest assured it is.
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before we go any further I'd  better come clean about my underpants. What I mean is , no one actually died because of them - thogh there's no telling what would  have happened if I'd had to wear them much longer.

I blame my mother. If my mum wasn't such a fanatic about the things you wear next to you  skin none of this would have happened. OK, so maybe five weeks is a little long to walk  around in a single pair of pants, but  I always whip them off at night to give them a shot of oxygen . so what's  the big deal? The morning my troubles  started I'd just got out of  bed and was slotting my trusty old snuggies into place for the day when Mum came in.

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"Before we go any further I'd better come clean about  my underpants..."

Jiggy McCue has a problem. His new underpants won't come off. Worse still, they have a mind  of  their own . An  evil mind that seems to want  to ruin his life-and it's succeeding!

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