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To travel by water, You must first kmow how to sail, They will always sail backwards.

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The principal of an organization is very important.Because he / she is the initial point for all parts of the organization.No matter what is the next move is, it must start with thinking. If a coutry has a smart leader, it is like taking a train to reach your destination; there might be some stops to checl that we are still headinf to the right destinaton.

In most small organizations, there is always SEPARATE THINKING; neither SYSTEM THINKING nor have strategic thinking, they must be able to start from the SYSTEM THINKING girst.

This book presents CEOs with different ideas suggests different processes ot thinkinf. Ideas are brought to life in pictures and infographics to make the idea easier to understsang.

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    Corporate strategy


    Value creation

    Brand strategy

    Strategic thinkng


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Vision+Mission+Corporate Planninf +Business Expansion+Standardization+Core Competency+Competitive Advantage + Low Cost Strategy + Umbrella Brand + House Brand+ Analysis Thinking + System Thinking + Holidtic Thinking + Strem Thinking + Industry Attractiveness + Tactics + Centralization + Decentralixation + Producy Line + Matrix Orgaization

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